Maritime Workers Union Secures Landmark Victory Against INTELS in Court"

"Maritime Workers Union Secures Landmark Victory Against INTELS in Court"
The Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN) has emerged victorious in its court case against Integrated Logistics Services in Nigeria (INTELS), a major win for the union and a significant milestone in the fight for workers' rights.

The dispute began when INTELS paid redundancy extra-gratuity to its 34 permanent staff but refused to negotiate with the union to pay the same amount to the 599 contract staff affected by the same redundancy exercise. The union declared a trade dispute, which was referred to the Industrial Arbitration Panel (IAP).

In 2021, the IAP ordered INTELS and Associated Maritime Services (AMS) to pay the full entitlements, including gratuities and terminal benefits, of the 624 dockworkers they sacked. However, INTELS refused to negotiate with the union, leading to the court case.

The court has now ruled in favor of the union, ordering INTELS and AMS to negotiate with the union and pay the extra-gratuity to all 599 affected workers. The court also declared that the IAP was wrong to unilaterally determine the amount workers should be paid without negotiation.

This victory is a testament to the union's determination and perseverance in fighting for the rights of its members. The union's win sets a precedent for workers' rights in Nigeria and sends a strong message to employers who refuse to negotiate with unions.

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