Why I Won't Support F.G's proposed Revamping of NNSL - Captain Akanbi

Why I Won't Support F.G's proposed Revamping of NNSL - Captain Akanbi
The Federal Government of Nigeria should rather focus on creating enabling policies and supports to adequately regulate the private investors with the objectives of a world standard shipping company instead of making an attempt to
revamping the Nigerian National Shipping Line (NNSL). 

Captain Segun Akanbi, President of Maritime Professionals Forum (MARPRO) made this submission in an exclusive interview with our Correspondent.

Captain Akanbi opined that the idea of  revamping the NSSL as postulated by the Federal Government are susceptible to being influenced by political agendas and priorities rather than being solely driven by market demands, hence he is not going to support such an idea. 

"Though it may seem like a good idea in theory, but considering the experience gathered from all the failed government businesses including the defunct NNSL, government-run enterprise in Nigeria are known for their bureaucratic nature, which often leads to slower decision-making processes and a lack of agility in adapting to industry dynamics.

"The rigid hierarchy and red tape can hinder the ability to make quick and necessary adjustments to stay competitive in the ever-evolving business landscape" he maintained.

Speaking on what informed his decision on the need to scrap NIMASA's Nigerian Seafarers Development Programme (NSDP) project, Captain Akanbi revealed that "the current mode in which NIMASA is running the NSDP project is a ridicule to the NIMASA issued Certificate of Competency. 

"How can you be issuing an Unlimited Operational COC and yet going to other countries Flag State like you to obtain same grade of License?. 

"You are indirectly discrediting your own License. The program has run for the past 15 years, congratulations to all the beneficiaries, but at this junction enough is enough.

NIMASA should rather review the program, if you must sponsor anybody on scholarship, sponsor them to any of the Nigeria Maritime Schools and channel all your energy on upgrading and promoting your own product" he maintained.

On his expectations from the maritime sector in 2024, President of MARPRO
revealed that 2024 is a Renewed Hope Agenda. 

In his words, "we look forward to see a remarkable impact, different from the usual. The industry needs a major shake up. 

"We look forward to a strict and transparent implementation of Cabotage. Meanwhile Cabotage or National content should not be used as an avenue for cheap labour, the huge disparities between the Expat crew and the Nigerian crew must end, its pathetic that we are being marginalized in our own country.

"The establishment of a dedicated Coastguard is long overdue, our maritime business hub is now bigger than before, undue detention of ships, blowing up of ships, criminalization of Seafarers, militarizing of the maritime domain are not attractive to legitimate investors.

"The Minister should look into having a Cadet Training Ship similar to the NSMV of the United State with a 600 Cadets capacity. That would eradicate the Cadetship problem in Nigeria.

"Also, NIMASA should start issuing an Unlimited Management COC before the end of the first quarter of 2024, we are tired of all excuses.

"The ministry should publish her plans for 2024 along with workable timeframes. So that everyone can have a basis of rating their progress through the year.

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