Custom: Adeniyi Appoints New Board Members of Customs' Companies

Custom: Adeniyi Appoints New Board Members of Customs' Companies

Kathy Kyari 

The Comptroller General of the Nigeria Customs Service, Bashir Adewale Adeniyi, has sworn in new chairpersons and members of the Customs Enterprises on Thursday as part of his commitment to enhance officers' welfare. 

The four companies are Customs Service Technical & Hanger Services Limited, Nigeria Customs Service Training & Hotels Limited, Nigeria Customs Service Hospital Limited, and Nigeria Customs Broadcast Network Limited, according to Adeniyi, who officially inaugurated the new leadership at the Customs Headquarters in Abuja.

"The registration of the companies that have been mentioned constitutes part of our agenda to improve Officers' welfare, as their role in revenue generation and the implementation of fiscal policies of the government and the economic prosperity of the country cannot be overemphasized". 

Speaking about the mounting worries as a commercial matter encompassing hospitals, broadcasting services, aviation services, and healthcare, the Customs CG pointed out that board members are chosen from the appropriate departments.

He clarified that the officers and the Ministry of Finance personnel were experienced in running the businesses.

Adeniyi also revealed that NCS is hoping the recently appointed board would foster the enterprises to be stable and profit-oriented, following a lead from other government ministries and parastatals that successfully participate in similar operations.

"Nigeria Customs Services' Technical and Hanger Service Limited shall be chaired by ACG AO Alajogun, Nigeria Customs Service Training and Hotels Limited - chaired by ACG Dappa-Williams, Nigeria Customs Service Hospital Limited is headed by ACG Ibrahim Alfa, and Comptroller Kamal Muhammad to head Nigeria Customs Broadcasting Network Limited."

The CGC also revealed that the businesses' secretaries are personnel from the Ministry of Finance and the Directorate of Legal Services.

He tasked the board members with ensuring these businesses were managed effectively and with carrying out their obligations with tenacity.

"I wish to charge members of the boards of these different companies to see to the effective management of the companies and to be focused on discharging their duties and responsibilities. You are assured of my support and guidance at all times.”

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