The Ports are the Gateway to the Nation's Economy - Ukaumunna

The Ports are the Gateway to the Nation's Economy - Ukaumunna 

.... Advocates N1.5m minimum wage for Dockworkers

Kathy Kyari 

Ports are the entry point to the country's economy, according to Comrade Uzojie Ukaumunna, the first President General of the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN). 

On Thursday, Ukaumunna disclosed this while paying a courtesy call at the Union's National Secretariat in Lagos. 

He claims that because dockworkers are essential to the daily operations of the marine industry and have a significant impact on the development of the country, they should receive fair compensation.

In light of their contributions to the country's economy and the contemporary reality of mass poverty, Ukaumunna further stated his displeasure and argued for Nigerian dockworkers to get a minimum wage of N1,500,000.00 per month.

In the maritime industry, he claimed, businesses underpay their employees. He pointed out that Nigerian dockers receive inadequate pay in comparison to other countries.

Additionally, the former P-G expressed happiness with the accomplishments made thus far by the Comrade Adewale Adeyanju-led MWUN.

In a fatherly role, he prayed for the union's members' favour, advancement, and prosperity while also applauding the Adeyanju-led administration for bringing the four branches of the organization together.

Additionally, Ukaumunna urged union members to pardon him if, in his capacity as MWUN President General, he had ever misled or insulted anyone.

Adeyanju had already praised the former P-G for his enormous contributions to the union, the maritime industry, and the welfare of workers.

According to him, the conflict between the Union and the government began twenty-three years ago, when the ruling class ousted Pioneer President Ukaumunna from office.

According to Adeyanju, the Union's internal crisis has ended and they are now in harmony with their leaders.

He emphasized that cooperation between the four pillars of the Union is essential, as this will propel MWUN to new heights and elevate it to a level that has already won recognition on a global scale.

Recalling that the former PG, Ukaumunna lifted him out of poverty, he urged Union members not to let miscreants to turn them against one another.

Comrade Razak Adekunle Bakare, a former Deputy President of the Dockworkers Branch, exhorted union members to accept peace and reject all forms of violence.

He added that the former PG was a man of vision and courage.

Highlights of the occasion included the breaking of the kolanut to greet the guest, prayer sessions, the former PG blessing union members, notably Comrade Adewale Adeyanju, and the presentation of awards.

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