MWUN ends Feud with Pioneer President, Ukaummunna

MWUN ends Feud with Pioneer President, Ukaummunna 

Kathy Kyari

The Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN) President-General, Comrade Adewale Adeyanju, mediated the much-needed ceasefire with its founding President-General, Comrade Uzoije UKAUMMUNNA, in Lagos on Wednesday.

Recall that a 23-year face-off ensued from the leadership struggle that consumed the Union and the former President-General. 

Dr. Adeyanju and his entire executive team agreed on Wednesday, December 20, 2023, to put an end to the lengthy controversy in order to have a reunion with Comrade Uzoije Ukaummunna, one of the organization's "founding fathers," whose dynamic leadership ability cannot be overstated.

During the accord, Comrade Adeyanju  commended Ukaummunna for his tenacity, fortitude, and unwavering patience during the trying times.

In addition, Adeyanju identified Ukaummunna as a notable Workaholic Founding Father who ran a modest vein throughout the 1996 merger of the four unions. As the Union's first President-General, he introduced many advancements, therefore his generosity is immeasurable, he remarked.

"It is on record that Comrade Uzoije purchased the property in Abuja that is today known as Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria Annex. This is one amongst the numerous legacies he left behind. And we are proud to say that he is our Pioneer President-General".

Comrade Uzoije congratulated Prince Adeyanju during the vibrant peace meeting, accompanied by his wife, for shattering the curse of the past that had tied a father and his children. They expressed gratitude to the Union members for burying the hatchet and prayed for Ukaummunna's forgiveness, emphasizing that making mistakes is human and forgiving is sublime.

In a similar vein, Dr. Adeyanju responded wishing the couple a long and happy life filled with health and happiness, adding that Ukaummunna's work for the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria will never go in vain because the organization has decided to bring him and other past presidents-general back into the fold for reintegration.

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