Inaugural Meeting of the Nigeria Customs Service Board Holds in Abuja

Inaugural Meeting of the Nigeria Customs Service Board Holds in Abuja 

... Is Dedicated to Maintaining Smooth Trade Facilitation

Kathy Kyari 

The Nigeria Customs Service Board held its first meeting at Customs Headquarters in Abuja on Tuesday, December 19, 2023, under the supervision of Wale Edun FCS, the Coordinating Minister of the Economy and Finance Minister. 

The Minister's resolve to work seamlessly with Comptroller-General of Customs Bashir Adewale Adeniyi MFR to promote smoother trade was the highlight of his speech.

In his capacity as NCS Board Chairman, He presented a three-pronged plan to reshape the country's economic environment. The purpose of the event was to influence Nigeria's trade, income, and economic growth in the future.

The Minister expressed his dedication to increasing government revenue, supporting vital investments in social services and infrastructure, and negotiating the complex waters of macroeconomic reform.  
"Today marks a pivotal moment in our pursuit of economic resilience, and we are seeking substantial augmentation of government funds to propel crucial initiatives, ensuring that the wheels of progress turn unhindered."

He stated that his goal went beyond just making money and that it was his mission to create an atmosphere in which all citizens benefited from the real advantages of economic growth. He was fervent in his advocacy of policies that would guarantee food security, offer reasonably priced transportation, and lessen the constraints of daily living for the people of Nigeria.

“The President will be briefed comprehensively on our vision to lower the cost of living for Nigerians through making rich efforts to facilitate trade and boost our economy. We aim to implement measures that not only ease financial burdens but also elevate the living standards for every citizen,” he asserted.

According to him, In his vision, trade procedures would change dramatically, becoming more expeditious, efficient, and dedicated to adhering to global best standards.

"We are on the verge of transformative change in trade facilitation. Our commitment is unwavering, and we are poised to implement the National Single Window project—a community-driven initiative that promises to revolutionize Customs procedures," the Minister declared with conviction.

Edun emphasized the National Single Window project's modernization, process automation, and electronic data exchange amongst payment parties when elucidating its relevance. The Minister claims that this project is more than just a technology improvement; rather, it is a calculated move to increase revenue and Customs, which will help the country's economy flourish.
The Minister's inspirational speech reverberated across the Nigeria Customs Service, heralding a new era for Nigeria marked by social progress, economic success, and a dedication to excellence.

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