MARPOL at 50 :LTT,DEPASA Celebrates at 2023 seafarers Day

MARPOL at 50 :LTT,DEPASA Celebrates at 2023 seafarers Day
Marine pollution has been said to be a serious issue that requires urgent attention and action judging by the devastating effects of pollution on marine life, ecosystems, and human health which can not be ignored.

Marine pollution which is defined by the 1982 UN Convention on the Law of the Sea as: “the introduction by man, directly or indirectly, of substances or energy into the marine environment which results or is likely to result in such deleterious effects as harm to living resources and marine life.

Speaking on Monday at the Seafarers day celebration in Lagos , organized by LTT Coastal & Marine Services Limited with DEPASA Marine International tagged "MARPOL @50, Our Commitment Goes On" Engineer Martins Oluwafumilayo Oluwatope who is a Nigeria Marine Engineer and entreprenue  disclosed that  the ocean are so vast and deep that until fairly recently, it was widely assumed that no matter how much trash and chemicals humans dumped into them, the effects would be negligible.

Engineer Martins hinted that presently no need to look  further than the New Jersey-size dead zone that forms each summer in the Gulf of Mexico, or the thousand-mile-wide belt of plastic trash in the northern Pacific Ocean or even our own waterways to see that this early assumption placed a once flourishing ocean ecosystem is on the brink of collapse.

 She also stated that the solution lies within everyone to take the right step on keeping our oceans  clean and safe. "There are solutions available, from reducing plastic use to supporting ocean conservation efforts.It is up to all of us to take action and make a difference. Whether through individual actions or collective efforts, we can help protect our oceans and ensure a sustainable future for generations to come. 

"Together, we can make a positive impact on the environment and create a better world for all" She said.

In her welcome speech, the Human Resources Manager of LTT, Mrs Nwaeze Theodora disclosed that the theme for the year 2023 celebration of  :Day of  Seafarer: reflects a long history of institutions like NIMASA, NPA and companies as theirs that have been committed to protecting  the environment from the impact of shipping activities via a robust regulatory frame work and intentional initiatives that emphasize on their on going commitment to such cause.

Mrs Nwaeze said that the MARPOL Convention was adopted on  November 2nd of year 1973 while the protocol of 1978 was adopted in response to a spate of tanker accidents in 1976 through 1977.

Stating that their company have taken it upon themselves to seriously recognize and carry their resolutions from the convention,  Mrs Nwaeze said "We have taken it a step further to have discourses such as  these around this ever important topic and we are grateful for the participants and guests both present and unavoidably absent who have been working relentlessly to make sure that pollution in the Nigeria waters is prevented or reduced to it's minimal level

" The international Convention for the Prevention of Pollution from Ships  (MARPOL) is the main international Convention covering the prevention of pollution of the marine environment by ships from operational or accidental causes.

"The Convention includes regulations aimed at preventing and minimizing pollution from Ships both accidental pollution and from routine operations which currently includes six technical Annexes with the inclusion of special areas of strict controls on operational discharges" Nwaeze quipped. 

In a statement by the MD, Marine Division, Mr Hilik Kalusky, he appreciates the Seafarers for job well done adding that they are doing great in terms of performance in the discharge of their duties irrespective of time and season. 

He also acknowledged the idea of catching them young incorporated   into the celebration adding that it's a brilliant move in giving knowledge to the pupils on the effect of marine pollution on our waters. 

Also present at the Seafarer Day celebration with goodwill messages among other guests are President of WISTA Nigeria, Mrs Eunice Ezeoke, WIMAfrica Vice president, Chief Mrs Carol Ufere  and WIMA Nigeria President, Mrs Rollens Macfoy.

Award of honors and recognitions were presented to LTT Coastal Marine and DEPASA Marine staff in different categories, who has done excellently well in discharge of their duties.

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