IOCs, Port Concession: MWUN Threatens to Close Ports over Workers Welfare

IOCs, Port Concession: MWUN Threatens to Close Ports over Workers Welfare

... NLC joins forces to address the need of Workers in the Maritime Sector 

Kathy Kyari 
Due to ongoing disagreements with operators and governmental organizations involved in the industry, the Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) has directed the Maritime Workers' Union of Nigeria (MWUN) to close Nigeria's ports and terminals.

During his Friday courtesy visit to the union, NLC President, Comrade Joseph Ajaero issued the order at the union's secretariat.

Ajaero gave the MWUN the go-ahead to write the Labour and Transportation Ministries and give them a two-week deadline to address the numerous issues or the labor union will protest the sector.
The International Oil Companies (IOCs) had not complied with the government's Maritime Notice of 2014 or the current Stevedoring Regulations, according to MWUN.

In response to a court order, he said, the government likewise refused to pay monthly pensions to retired seamen.

He continued by saying that the government had failed to reinstate registered shipboard gangway security and count men.

He lashed out because there aren't any minimum standards of service for members of the shipping industry like there are for the Nigerian Ports Authority, dock workers, and seafarers.

He claimed that even now, after the union had written to the Ministry of Labor since August 2021, nothing had been done.

The furious President responded angrily, saying he had no sympathy for any employer who did not care about the interests of the workers, even as he urged the maritime union leaders to give the Labor and Transportation Ministries a two-week deadline before closing the port if their demands were not met.
He said that the national labor union would give the union enough support to close the port.

“Articulate the bullet points to the minister of Labour. If it is possible, give them two weeks ultimatum from now because nobody will accuse you of not being patient since 2021 till now

“I as the president of NLC, I don’t have sympathy for anybody for toying with interest of workers.

“Show them the letter and shut the port and let the ministry of transportation and labour do their work. 

“If they fail to follow suit, we will support you. The people cannot be seen violating the law. Every illegal action requires illegal response. What the law requires is to be notified but you have sent letters since 2021.

“There is need for us to act now. We are standing behind you as a labour movement because if there is a union that stands with the NLC, it is MWUN. What I want to hear is action because we have suffered.”

As a result, Comrade Adewale Adeyanju, President General of MWUN, pledged that the union will begin organizing right away.

When it comes to the wellbeing of employees, Adeyanju claimed that he is not as nice as he may appear to be.

He insisted that the union had been waiting for the national body's signature in order to execute the long-awaited step.

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