Amuwo Odofin Park and Garages accused of extortion, harassment, intimidation by COMTUA

Amuwo Odofin Park and Garages accused of extortion, harassment, intimidation by COMTUA
The President of COMTUA, Comrade Adeyinka Aroyewun, has accused the Amuwo Odofin Park and Garages Management Committee (LASPAGM) of several illegalities and crimes which include harassment, extortion, intimidation and vandalism.

In a press statement signed by Aroyewun, in response to a sponsored news story against his personality, he said that
LASPAGM Amuwo Odofin, Badagry Division headed by Abeyi Abayomi Ajele otherwise known as Ikomodina, the founder and coordinator of ECOMOG group in Mile 2 has 10 extortion points, where amount ranging from N2,000 to N10, 000 is forcefully collected from truck drivers at each point.
According to Aroyewun, drivers who refuse to pay are beaten, their vehicles vandalized and several injuries and deaths resulting from it.

He stressed that COMTUA has been challenging this group since 2019 and  strongly believes that the Lagos State government will, one day address this issue.

He frowned at the justification of the continuous existence of the extortionist group by  Mr Fashina Shakiru, the paid writer is ridiculous and a pure embarrassment to the noble media profession.
COMTUA president stated that, "The dirty politics (been) played out here is a clear demonstration of desperation to retain the points of extortion created by the individual.

"These are questions begging for answers :

"Does the mandate given to park and garages include collection from trucks?

"Do we have a park on top of Mile 2 Bridge, Otto Wharf, UBA, MTN, SUNRISE and other places where thugs are gather in the name of ECOMOG boys with dangerous weapons?

"Why are tickets meant for commercial buses forcefully sold to trucks?
"Why are truckers attacked daily by this group?"

Aroyewun advised Fashina and his ilks to stop the campaign of calumny against individuals, but address issues professionally and stop the unprofessional conducts of blackmail and name dropping. 

He warned them to stop using  APC membership to perpetuate crime as it will cause damage to the image of government.

He further enjoined Fashina to justify his pay from Ikomodina by giving him a wise counsel.

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