Nigerian Army and Security Agencies Collaborate to Rescue Hostages from Terrorists

Nigerian Army and Security Agencies Collaborate to Rescue Hostages from Terrorists
In a daring and precise operation, Nigerian Army troops, in collaboration with Nigeria Police Force and other security agencies, have rescued 8 additional students of Confluence University of Science and Technology, Osara, Kogi State, who were held captive by terrorists. The successful rescue mission took place in a dense forest near Oro Ago Village in Kwara State, following a thorough and intense clearance operation.

The joint security forces had launched a comprehensive search effort, concentrating on the Gbugu, Pategi, and Oro Ago Axis, including Babasango and Babanla areas, to locate the remaining abducted students. The search efforts paid off as troops detected the movement of terrorists attempting to relocate their hostages.

As the troops closed in on the terrorists' location, the terrorists abandoned their captives and fled into the forest, allowing the troops to rescue the students safely. The rescued students have been handed over to the Kogi State Government for reunification with their families and further assistance.

This operation demonstrates the unwavering commitment of the Nigerian Army and security agencies to ensuring the safety and security of citizens, particularly in regions affected by terrorism. 

The swift and decisive action of the troops has not only saved lives but also sent a strong message to terrorist elements operating in the area.

The Nigerian Army urges the public to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activities to the nearest security agency, emphasizing the importance of collective efforts in combating terrorism and criminality in the region.

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