NAGAFF Commends DCG Tariff and Trade, Caroline Niagwan, Pledges Support for Trade Facilitation

NAGAFF Commends DCG Tariff and Trade, Caroline Niagwan, Pledges Support for Trade Facilitation

The 100% Compliance Team, National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders, NAGAFF has commended Deputy Comptroller -General, Tariff and Trade, Caroline Niagwan for her commitment  and dedication to trade facilitation.

In a statement endorsed and made public today  by the National Coordinator, 100% Compliance, Alhaji (Dr) Tanko, the Group announced its unflinching support to Mrs Niagwan and as well, Pledged to continue to offer all necessary assistance and cooperation to ensure She succeeds in her assignment, while urging her not to be discouraged.

His words: " We made this public show of support in view of the clandestine moves by some companies justling to takeover Customs job of revenue collection on behalf of the Federal Government. We say no to this clandestine move."

Tanko added that " Rumors have it that they have promised to surpass the yearly revenue target by as much as 300% in the first year and subsequently increase it."

The 100% Compliance Team Boss commended the DCG Tariff and Trade for for doggedness and prompt response to complaints and her effective conflict resolution steps despite criticism from some  certain fast- faced companies. 

He noted that the present Customs management is well equipped to manage revenue collection, considering the motivation and measures put in place presently and anchored in Tariff and Trade Unit ably led by DCG Niagwan.

Quoting Dr Tanko,"We,on the field can testify to the increased revenue accruing to the federal government since the new management took over.

"Lest we forget; this road had been travelled before with PIDA.
The sour taste had lingered up till now.

Alhaji Tanko pointed out that the attendant delays, arising out of ignorance of customs procedures and processes caused a lot of disquiet back then,which dampened the morale of the Officers and compromised their professional integrity.

"We therefore reject the idea and wish the DCG well in her efforts at improving the revenue collection task of the Nigerian customs service.." He stated

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