FRSC Boosts National Drivers License Production to Clear Backlog

FRSC Boosts National Drivers License Production to Clear Backlog
The Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) has embarked on a massive production of National Drivers Licenses (NDL) to address the lingering backlog. 

According to the Ag. Corps Public Education Officer, Olusegun Ogungbemide, the corps has produced an impressive 73,740 licenses in just two weeks.

This significant achievement is attributed to the strategic interventions introduced by the Corps Marshal, Shehu Mohammed, aimed at revamping the entire process. 

The corps marshal's working visit to the FRSC Print Farm led to the identification of technical glitches, which have since been rectified. To further enhance production, a 24-hour production schedule has been implemented.

Currently, a total of 84,500 NDLs are in the production queue, and once completed, they will be distributed to state licensing authorities nationwide. 

The FRSC has assured the public of its commitment to quality service and urges applicants who have experienced delays to await notification or contact their state licensing offices for pickup.

This concerted effort by the FRSC is a welcome development, as it sets to alleviate the frustration of countless individuals awaiting their licenses. With the corps' renewed focus on efficiency and productivity, the backlog is expected to be cleared soon, bringing relief to many.

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