NAGAFF Calls for Calm: Association Prays for Peace and Unity in NNPP Amidst Ongoing crisis

 NAGAFF Calls for Calm: Association Prays for Peace and Unity in NNPP Amidst Ongoing crisis 
The National Association of Government Approved Freight Forwarders (NAGAFF) has announced a nationwide prayer session to seek divine intervention for peace and stability in the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP), which is currently embroiled in a crisis.

The prayer session, scheduled for Thursday, May 16, is a call to action for all members of NAGAFF to join hands and seek God's guidance and wisdom in resolving the internal conflicts that have been plaguing the party. The association will also be praying for Senator Rabiu Kwankwaso, the 2023 presidential candidate of the NNPP, who was recently expelled from the party for alleged anti-party activities.

According to a statement by NAGAFF's National Publicity Secretary, Dr. Clement Iwegbuna, the association, as the parent body of the NNPP, founded by Dr. Boniface Aniebonam, will continue to appreciate and remember Senator Kwankwaso's role in the last general election. "We recognize the significant contributions of Senator Kwankwaso to the growth and development of the NNPP, and we believe that his wisdom and experience are still needed in the party," Dr. Iwegbuna said.

The prayer session is a demonstration of NAGAFF's commitment to the peaceful resolution of conflicts and its belief in the power of prayer to bring about positive change. "We have faith that God will intervene in the internal wranglings of the NNPP and grant Senator Kwankwaso the wisdom to retrace his steps in the issues concerning the party and his role therein," Dr. Iwegbuna said.

Recalling the association's past experience of seeking divine intervention in times of crisis, Dr. Iwegbuna expressed hope that God will answer their prayers again. "When the odds were against us in the Kano State governorship election at the tribunal and appeal court, we ran to God for intervention at the Supreme Court, and He answered us. It is our hope and belief that God will answer us again at this trial period of internal crisis."

All members of NAGAFF nationwide are invited to join in the prayers, which will be held at various locations across the country. The association is also urging its members to continue to promote peace and unity within the party, and to work towards electing a great leader in Nigeria at God's appointed time.

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