Aniebonam charged Nigerians to support the President in his transformation agenda

Aniebonam charged Nigerians to support the President in his transformation agenda

The founder of the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP), Dr.Boniface Okechukwu Aniebonam,has issued a statement calling on Nigerians to rally round the president and his reforms to overcome the current situation of the country.

In the statement, which was released on Saturday,24 February,2024,, Dr. Aniebonam said that the country was facing avoidable setbacks that should be seen as an act of God, and that a great leader was one who could take a wrong decision in a matter of urgent importance than taking none.

He commended the president for taking hard decisions for the good of the greater numbers, and described him as courageous under the circumstances.

He said that Nigerians could not succeed in their quest for a Nigeria of their hope under chaotic situation and disobedience to rule of law, and urged the president to ensure that the information machinery of the government was deployed to communicate effectively with Nigerians about the programme of action of the government to overcome the present economic situation of the country.

The NNPP Founder ,also called for the government to be transparent, sincere and purposeful, and to be clear and predictable about the state of the nation, the actions taken, and the expected results and future prospects. He said that corruption must be tackled roundly and purposefully, and that culprits must be brought to justice no matter who they were.

He said that the mantra for a new Nigeria of their hope was achievable, and that this was not the time for blame game. He said that Nigerians wanted a new order of purposeful leadership based on rule of law, equity, justice to all and even for the dead. He said that a constitutional driven Nigeria was the way going forward.

He concluded by blessing everyone in Nigeria and expressing hope for Nigeria of their dreams. He wished the president the best of luck and God’s guidance and protection. He said that Nigeria must be great once again.

Dr.Aniebonam’s statement is instructive, coming at a time when Nigeria is facing multiple social and economic challenges, such as insecurity, inflation, poverty, and unemployment. According to the World Bank, Nigeria’s economy contracted by 1.8% in 2023, and is projected to grow by 1.1% in 2024, below the population growth rate. The World Bank also warned that Nigeria could face social unrest due to the high cost of living and the lack of social safety nets.

The NNPP is a political party that was founded in 2021 by Dr. Aniebonam. The NNPP prides itself as a progressive and democratic party that aims to promote good governance, human rights, and national development

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