NARTO/MWUN & NAMTOP Visit Port Managers , Ports Police Command

NARTO/MWUN & NAMTOP Visit Port Managers , Ports Police Command 

Kathy Kyari 

Comrade Adewale Adeyanju, on Tuesday, led a delegation of the National Association of Truck Operators (NAMTOP), the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN), and the National Road Transport Owners (NARTO) to inform the Apapa Port Manager, Mr. Charles Okaga, the Port Manager of Tincan Island, and the Apapa Ports Police Command, led by Commissioner of Police (CP) Lanre Ishola, of the goals and objectives of the three unions' collaboration.

One of the main topics of discussion was the drivers of the trucks' welfare, which they claimed was crucial to the cooperation. The issue of drivers' and their trucks' correct identification was also discussed in contrast to the practice of drivers using many license plates for a truck, which was claimed to have hampered efficient operations. 

In response, the partnership promised the Port Managers that, in light of the partnership's goals, such unsightly activities would be thoroughly investigated and would never happen again.

Even though it was a ground visit for collaboration, the Tincan Island Port Manager, Sylvester Egede expressed thanks for Prince Adeyanju's visit, stating that it was the first time the leading maritime labor leader has paid him a visit since taking office.

The Collaboration also made the Ports Managers aware of the importance of working together on ticketing for truckers inside the port premises. Naturally, the Collaboration placed a strong emphasis on the Union's exclusive constitutional right to ticket its truckers only inside the port zones and prohibited any outside party from entering the ports to conduct such a revenue drive because it is against port regulations. The ports are governed by the Federal Government of Nigeria, which means that state and local governments are not authorized to operate in the ports.

Mr. Charles Okaga, the Apapa Port Manager, also brought up and addressed a few important concerns that have been impeding port operations, particularly from the perspective of the truckers, concerning whom the port authority has already made a very dramatic decision. Additionally, he stated that it is now apparent that the port's access roads are generally free of traffic jams. 

He lamented that the e-call up system was still not flawless and that improvements were necessary for the port to run smoothly. He also stated that in order to maintain order in the port, truckers must be sincere and disciplined in their work.

Parallel to this, CP Lanre Ishola, the Commissioner of Police, Port Command, was also briefed about the difficulties faced by truck drivers at the hands of security agencies, especially outside the port zones where the frequency of outrageous extortions from truck drivers is concerning. 

The police chief was persuaded by the partnership to use his good offices to investigate the oddity that the truckers were facing.

The CP Ishola further responded by saying that he did not have control over anything that occurred more than 200 meters from the port area, but that he should be contacted personally if such an Incident occurred there.

He pledged to investigate the claims thoroughly and, should they turn out to be accurate, to help by bringing the case before the Lagos State Police Command. 

In keeping with the same gesture, the CP of the Port Command also pledged to cooperate with the cooperation as long as it stayed within legal bounds. This was done in light of the collaboration's commitment to the welfare of truck drivers and its comprehensive package of condition of service.

On behalf of the collaboration BoT members, Prince Adeyanju thanked the Commissioner of Police for his cordial welcoming and his sincere desire to collaborate with the collaboration to guarantee a smooth trucking operational service within the port premises.

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