Management Retreat:NSC reaffirms commitment to economic growth.

Management Retreat:NSC reaffirms commitment to economic growth.

The Nigerian Shippers’ Council (NSC) has restated that it has long been at the forefront   of catalysing innovation, championing progress and navigating the dynamic waters of global trade.

The Executive Secretary/CEO of the Nigerian Shippers’ Council, Barrister Pius Ukeyima Akutah stated  this, while making his Remark at the Special  Management Retreat , with the theme, “Strengthening the Economic Regulation of the Marine and Blue Economy for Sustainable Development”, which is being held in Lagos by the organization.

He revealed that the event had given the Shippers’ Council the opportunity to embark on a collective strive that holds a keen significance for the future of Nigeria’s economy.

Akutah stated  that the Council’s focus on economic regulation underscores an intense understanding , that effective governance , equitable practices and strategic policies, serve as the solid foundation for fostering  a flourishing blue economy.

He pointed out that the  retreat was not just a gathering of minds, but a calculated convergence of wisdom, expertise and foresight , adding that it is also a proof to the Council’s resolute commitment to shaping a future where the Marine and Blue Economy, becomes a beacon of viable development and prosperity.

The NSC CEO recalled that at the recent retreat, which maritime agencies had with the Minister of Marine and Blue Economy,  the Council’s commitment to excellence was emphazied, through its  signing of performance bond with the Minister, during which  the Council pledged its  steadfast dedication to accountability, efficiency, and delivering results that exceed expectations.

Akutah stated that , this  commitment should solidify the Council’s resolve to serve with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.

He said based on this factor, it is   incumbent that the Council should put in order its  Key Performance Indicators to that of the Ministry, as contained in the performance Bond signed with the Minister, adding that this will form the  basis for measuring its performance as an organization.

He thus enjoined all the Council’s personnel   to work diligently to take the Council   to an admirable height, amongst its contemporaries in the Ministry, adding that everybody possesses the collective intellect, experience, and determination needed to unlock the untapped potential of Nigeria’s  maritime and blue economic space.

The  Council’s CEO /ES urged all to support collaboration, innovation, and an unwavering commitment to excellence as the organization  navigates the complexities of its  regulatory frameworks, and exploit the transformative power of sustainable practices.

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