Customs CG Calls for Strategic Partnership with the Military to Combat Smuggling

Customs CG Calls for Strategic Partnership with the Military to Combat Smuggling

Kathy Kyari

Comptroller-General of Customs Bashir Adewale Adeniyi has praised the cooperative efforts between the Nigeria Customs Service and the military forces in a critical meeting held on Thursday at the Customs Headquarters in Abuja. He emphasized the crucial role that such partnerships play in maintaining national security.

Recognizing the global challenges, Adeniyi restated the Nigeria Customs Service's dedication to cooperation, ingenuity, and dialogue.

The CGC underlined that national unity is strengthened while thinking back on previous partnerships with the Defense Headquarters. He also emphasized the assistance with joint operations, training exercises, and capacity building.

Adeniyi further reaffirmed the Customs Service's commitment to utilizing technology, coming up with creative solutions to problems, and collaborating closely with other governmental organizations. 

The CGC proposed an intensified joint exercise between the Customs Service and the military while suggesting unannounced frequent operations to demonstrate a show of force, acting as a deterrent to criminals.

According to him the importance of shared experiences in training, facilitating a better understanding of operational contexts can not be over-emphasised. 

Additionally, the CGC expressed gratitude for the support provided by the armed forces in various operations, particularly in civil-military cooperation initiatives.

He underscored the significance of information sharing and the need for collaborative efforts to address porous borders and challenges posed by non-state actors.

The CGC suggested more regular, covert operations establishing authority and to serve as a deterrence to criminals, along with a more intense combined exercise between the military and the Customs Service.

According to him, it is impractical to overstate the value of shared experiences in training when it comes to helping participants gain a deeper comprehension of operational settings. 

The CGC also conveyed his appreciation for the military's assistance in a number of missions, especially with regard to projects aimed at fostering civil-military collaboration.

In order to combat porous borders and the difficulties faced by non-state actors, he emphasized the need for information sharing and the necessity of cooperative efforts.

CGC Adeniyi pointed out the importance of participating in training programs and processing military consignments while assuring General Christopher Musa, the Chief of Defence Staff, of the Customs Service's ongoing cooperation.

He reaffirmed Nigeria Customs Service's dedication to national security. In order to guarantee a coordinated and successful reaction to changing security threats, he suggested continual collaboration, communication, and joint drills.

In his speech, General Musa conveyed his appreciation for the Nigeria Customs Service's vital contribution to the country's security environment. He emphasized the vital role played by the Customs Service, saying that the nation's military operations would be seriously jeopardized in their absence.

Recognizing CGC Adeniyi for his leadership and commitment since taking office, he noted the difficulties the nation has, especially in the global economic

In addition, he emphasized the significance of interagency collaboration in combating non-state actors and safeguarding the country.

Speaking about the cooperation between the military and the Customs Service, General Musa acknowledged the substantial backing received, especially for programs aimed at fostering civil-military cooperation.

General Musa also emphasized the necessity of improved information exchange, training, and cooperation between customs and the armed forces.

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