Indian's Diwali festival celebrated by seafarers onboard MT Biskra at Lagos Port.

Indian's Diwali festival celebrated by seafarers onboard MT Biskra at Lagos Port.
Indigenous and international seafarers on Sunday in Lagos , celebrated Indian festival called "DIWALI" onboard  Motor Tanker Biskra .

Diwali is described as the festival of lights and its one of the biggest festivity celebrated by Indians worldwide.

Diwali is noted to be celebrated in the fourth quarter of every year, even as seafarers from Nigeria, India, Senegal, Bulgaria, and Philippines celebrated the year's event aboard MT Biskra.
However, the celebration in Nigeria waters has been recounted as explanatory by the crew onboard the ship.
Seemenly appealing to the taste bud, local and  Indian cuisines were served at the event with Indian music of all genres played all through the period of the celebration.

Speaking on the sideline of the event,Technical Superintendent, Maritec Tanker Management, PVT Limited ,Mumbai - India, Kamlesh Jalori expressed satisfaction over the turnout of the seafarers',saying it is the first time crew onboard the ship  celebrated the event in Nigerian waters.
According to the well versed mariner, Diwali has no fix date of celebration but added that it is celebrated during the last quarter of every year against the background  of Hindu calendar.

He further thanked the crew onboard the ship for marking the years' festival onboard MT Biskra on Nigerian waters a success noting that there are possibility of celebrating the event in Nigeria waters in 2024 , if the vessel sails to Africa and Nigeria in particular.

He pointed that"The event is usually organised in the last quarter of every year. Usually in October and November respectively."

For his message to Nigerians , he called on the people of the most populous black nation to show brotherly love to themselves and embrace peace and harmony.
Also speaking, Managing Director, Massc Global Marine Limited , Engr.  Sese Michael Atina, a world class seasoned marine engineer, pointed out that the celebration is symbolic as it is the first time of celebrating the event in nation's waters.

Engr Sese said his company is a service provider to the Indian shipping company adding that the celebration is aimed to entertain the crew from Europe and Asia respectively.

"The beauty of celebrating DIWALI aboard the ship this year in Nigeria waters is aimed at  giving the seafarers' sense of belonging and to keep them entertained, and make them feel at home as if they are with their love ones and family.

"This is my first time celebrating DIWALI festival in Nigeria waters but I normally celebrate it outside the shores of the country.
"DIWALI is celebrated in Nigeria at luxury hotels  but onboard a ship in Nigeria,I will say it's the first time and it's fun all the way", Engr Sese added.

Highpoints of the celebration was  gifts presentation to the crew by the service provider , life band session  aboard the ship as performed by Kevwie and Ejiro Sese Atina plus  indian dance and cuisine.

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