Customs FOU intercepts N1.2bn Worth of Goods as Ejibunu vows to frustrate Smugglers Antics

Customs FOU intercepts N1.2bn Worth of Goods as Ejibunu vows to frustrate Smugglers Antics

Kathy Kyari 

The Federal Operations Unit (FOU) Zone 'A' of the Nigeria Customs Service has reported the seizure of a sizable cache of goods as part of a significant operation aimed at curbing illegal activities and safeguarding the nation's economy. 

The N1,241,777,700 duty-paid worth of these 14,574 seizures included 17 cars, imported parboiled rice, Indian marijuana, and other illegal commodities.

These results were revealed during a press event held in Lagos on Tuesday by Hussein Ejibunu, Acting Controller of the FOU Zone A. The main objective of the operation is to stop revenue loss from several violations such improper categorization, undervaluation, and underpayment. Notably, after issuing demand notifications to defaulters, the unit was able to successfully collect N115,456,534.94.

Ejibunu underlined the scope of their efforts by giving a thorough explanation of the items they had recovered. "We succeeded in apprehending 7,381 pieces of 50 kg foreign parboiled rice from traffickers, which is comparable to almost thirteen trailer loads of rice," he disclosed.

Furthermore, seventeen cars were seized by the customs unit from smugglers who were trying to avoid paying duties.
He also reported that 593 jerrycans containing 14,825 liters of premium motor spirit (petrol) had been intercepted. This product was safely disposed of in compliance with established protocols due to its volatile nature.

657 pieces of used tires, 167 parcels of Indian hemp (202 kg), 39 bales of used clothes, 100 packs of tomato ketchup, 4 used motorcycle units, 600 cartons of GIV soap, and 730 sacks of hide and skin—all totaling 5,033 pieces—were among the other seizures.

Ejibunu urged patriotic and well-intentioned Nigerians to keep providing the FOU Zone "A" with reliable information that might help counteract economic sabotage. The Acting Controller reaffirmed their steadfast commitment to combating unlawful activity and smuggling.
Nine individuals were detained in relation to these seizures, and the operation was made possible in large part by the diligent work of the seizing officers, SC Johnzmaco Akabuisi and AC Adewale Egunjobi.

In order to counteract such actions, Ejibunu emphasized the value of collaboration and teamwork, which strengthened the unit's resolve to make life tough for smugglers both during and after the approaching Yuletide season.

In addition, he praised the Intelligence Unit of the Command for their outstanding job and emphasized the value of supporting the country's economy by purchasing local goods.

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