WIMA ready to Work with the New Minister ... Champions more Appointments for Women

WIMA ready to Work with the New Minister  

... Champions more Appointments for Women 

Kathy Kyari 

The President of the Women in Maritime Association (WIMA),Rollens Macfoy has stated that the organization is prepared to cooperate with Adegboyega Oyetola, the new Minister of Marine and Blue Economy. 

At a media event on Thursday in Lagos, Macfoy said the Minister should consider assigning women to important positions within the Ministry. She also noted that WIMA has a lot to contribute since they are a centre for professional women in the sector. 

She applauded President Bola Tinubu for establishing the ministry but urged the Minister to heed the need for professional recognition and appropriate placement in the field as well as to give women specific consideration while developing portfolios and appointments in the new Ministry. 

"How many Ministers of Transportation have we had? And how many Directors of Maritime Agencies have we had? We have had only one woman. Hadiza Bala Usman was doing so well, is that a favour? 

Macfoy hoped the Minister would address important matters including the ease of doing business, seafarers' certification, renumeration, and sustainable capacity building for women. 
"The agenda we have for the new Minister are numerous but I will mention a few. Ease of doing Business, this is the A-Z of any economy. A situation where it is so difficult to register badges, vessels up to the last time I checked, Badge owners register with Shippers Council, NIMASA, NIWA and all these cost money. Why can't we say register with one agency and then we avail other agencies with copies to give them a soft landing".

"We will ask him to critically look into Seafarers Renumeration. He should have close meetings with the people that are directly involved to see what is going on. How are our Seafarers renumeration being renumerated and how are other countries being renumerated. A lot of things surrounding seafarers are frail, because our children are going into these schools and coming out, so that they will not be discouraged".

"Our Seafarers Certification, what is holding it from being accepted in other countries so that our children can in UK, Ghana other countries, because these respective countries work here in Nigeria, but our children cannot work there. This is a very critical aspect that should be looked into". 

"Everywhere we have been in the world, they sponsor their women in Maritime just to encourage them. When I mean sponsor, it is not just giving two or three million, We are talking about real sustainable capacity building. I know that NIMASA and NPA sponsor their women but  We are talking about the Ministry of Marine and Blue Economy reaching out to women that are interested in this industry". 

She affirmed that the organization, which is already active in 28 nations, is the first in Africa devoted to establishing the foundations of the blue economy. 

"WIMA-AFRICA is a Blue Economy based Association for Women in Africa, Inaugurated By African Union in 27TH March 2015, it is a Common Platform of action for African Women in Maritime, While also keying into African Union Agenda 2063 for Blue Economy".

In order to advance Nigerian women in the maritime sector while maintaining the mainstream participation of women in all facets of the blue economy, maritime awareness, human capacity building, and entrepreneurship, WIMA encourages cooperation and collaboration between national and international organizations.

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