Capacity Building: GMS, MWUN Train Seafarers and Union Members in Lagos, Rivers and Delta State

Capacity Building: GMS, MWUN Train Seafarers and Union Members in Lagos, Rivers and Delta State 

Kathy Kyari 

In accordance with worldwide best practices, Gulf Manning Services (GMS) conducted a one-day capacity development session for members of the Maritime Workers Union of Nigeria (MWUN), the Seamen/NIWA and Water Transport Branch. 

The focus of the Wednesday capacity development workshop in Lagos was on stress management, career sustainability, and how to successfully combine work and family.

General Manager of GMS, Mr. Ibrahim Agoro, told reporters on the sidelines that the main focus of the training was to increase workplace efficiency and provide ongoing manpower development for employees who are seafarers.

Agoro observed that the training concentrated on important topics relating to the families while at sea in relation to the requirement to motivate sailors on board vessel.

He pointed out that because seafarers are important to the economy of the country, it is important to teach them in accordance with global best practices because, in his opinion, doing so improves ties between employers and workers.

He noted that the excellent attendance of sailors at the event and emphasized that the development of human potential will also result in information being passed down from one generation to the next.

The General Manager also praised the MWUN management for the initiative, saying it would go down in seafarers' history as a success in line with a project for ongoing manpower development. 

On the impact and benefits of the programme, he said” The idea behind the training is all about progression . For those who are in attendance today . It is expected that they  share the knowledge with those who are at sea. It’s a continuous exercise.”

Comrade Francis Bunu, Deputy President General of the MWUN, stated that the union's Calabar, Warri, Onne, and Port Harcourt Chapters will also conduct similar capacity development exercises.

Seafarers spend the majority of their time at sea, according to Bunu, thus it is important to consider their families' wellbeing.

In order to strengthen the nation, he urged the government to support the maritime union and invest in seafarers.

“Without seafarers ‘the world will not move so we want the government to look into the well-being of seafarers'”.

"without seafarers’ NPA,NIWA and NIMASA will not work therefore will need the government to training the seafarers’ because they contribute to the nation’s economy".

Earlier on, Comrade Sunday Avoseh, President of the Seamen/NIWA Water Transport Branch, MWUN, urged other manning brokers in Nigeria to assist the union in developing seafarers' ability, noting that GSM had set the precedent for others to follow.

He emphasized that an unskilled seafarer is a hazardous employee on any vessel, which is why capacity building is necessary.

Avoseh said that the focus of the training was the welfare of the participants, noting that the capacity building program for seafarers will soon be in the States of Rivers, Delta, and Cross River.

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