NIMASA seeks Partnership with Norway to develop Nigeria’s Shipping Industry

NIMASA seeks Partnership with Norway to develop Nigeria’s Shipping Industry 

... Huitfeldt Lauds Nigeria for Her role in the Gulf of Guinea 

Kathy Kyari

The Nigerian Maritime Administration and Safety Agency, NIMASA says it is seeking partnership with Norway in order to better tap into the potential of the Blue Economy and advance the Maritime Shipping Industry. 

This was announced by the Agency's Director - General, Dr. Bashir Jamoh, on Monday when the Norwegian Foreign Minister, Anniken Huitfeldt, paid a visit to the Agency's Resource Centre in Lagos.

Jamoh revealed that although Nigeria, a major maritime power in the West African sub-region, annually hosts more than 110,000 vessels, the majority of ship owners move their vessels to nearby Togo, Ghana, and the Republic of Benin for drydocking due to a lack of a robust shipbuilding and repairs industry in the nation.

"NIMASA welcomes partnership with Norway to exploit and develop shipbuilding and ship repairs industry in the country".

He further disclosed that the Agency's 50 million floating Dock, when fully operational, is expected to produce a staggering N1 billion each month.
However, the DG informed his Norwegian guest that the agency is interested in collaborating with the European nation to take advantage of the substantial market for ship repairs in Nigeria.

Dr. Jamoh underlined the agency's goal, vision, fundamental values, roles, duties, and responsibilities as a leading marine administration in West Africa as he showed his guests around the centre's facilities.

He listed some of the accomplishments of the agency, including the removal of Nigeria from the IMB's "Red List" of nations with high rates of piracy and the distribution of the $720 million Carbotage Vessel Financing Funds, CVFF, for fleet development.

Anniken Huitfeldt complimented Nigeria for playing a leading position in the Gulf of Guinea, which, in her opinion, had a significant impact on reducing piracy in the area. 
According to Huitfeldt, Nigeria's determination and commitment to maintaining safety and security in the unstable region is largely to blame for the relative calm and security the shipping community is currently experiencing in the Gulf of Guinea.

As a result, she conveyed the gratitude of the Norwegian government to Nigeria in general and NIMASA in particular for this accomplishment.

“I thank the Nigerian government and NIMASA for their dedication to the safety and security in the Gulf of Guinea.

“I am deeply impressed by what I saw on my visit to NIMASA.” she declared.

She claimed that because Nigeria is one of Norway's esteemed allies, her government values her participation in the Gulf of Guinea.

The Norwegian minister also stated that Norway has supported Nigeria in its fight against piracy in the Gulf of Guinea since safety and security in the region are highly important to her own country.
“Norway has contributed to maritime development in Nigeria through capacity training and has also rendered economic assistance through the United Nations towards enhancement of maritime safety” she declared. 

A realistic demonstration of the high caliber of safety equipment at the C4i centre was given to the Norwegian minister and her entourage when they were touring the facilities at the NIMASA's Resources Centre.

Anniken Huitfeldt is anticipated to investigate business and investment chances in Nigeria's enormous marine sector with a few ship owners from her nation.

With 89 ports, Norway is thought to be the fifth-largest shipbuilding country in the world.

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