Ayade Increases Teachers Retirement Age by Five Years ... Removes Embargo on Promotion

Ayade Increases Teachers Retirement Age by Five Years 

... Removes Embargo on Promotion 

Kathy Kyari

The state governor of Cross River, Professor Ben Ayade, on Tuesday extended the retirement age for teachers by five years during a courtesy visit from the Nigerian Union of Teachers, or NUT.

Ayade also announced a lifting of the promotion embargo at the occasion, which was hosted in the Governor's Office in Calabar's Executive Council Chamber, arguing that teachers deserve superior care since they nurture tomorrow's leaders today.

"Teachers are the conscience of the nation, they are the moulders of leaders of tomorrow, so, for us in Cross River, teachers deserve premium welfare.

"To this end, teachers retirement age is hereby extended by five years. Embargo has also been lifted on promotion. Similarly, all promoted teachers will henceforth start earning salaries commensurate to their positions.”

The governor outlined how during his final eight years in office, he prioritized the welfare of teachers, particularly the early payment of their salaries, and vowed to resolve all outstanding concerns affecting them before leaving office.

Beforehand, Gregory Olayi, the chairman of the NUT chapter in Cross River, lauded the governor for being teacher-friendly and thanked him for making time to host them.

The teachers came to thank Governor Ayade for his kindness and pro-teacher policies, according to Comrade Castro Ezama, Special Advisor to the Governor on Education.

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