Aviation Industry Fundamental to Rapid Development - Prof. Pat Utomi

Aviation Industry Fundamental to Rapid Development - Prof. Pat Utomi 

By Kathy Kyari 
Prof. Pat Utomi of the Labour Party asserts that the aviation industry must look into Intermodal Transportation Integration as a means of enhancing the country's economy through aviation.

On Thursday, February 2, 2023, in Lagos, Nigeria, the Aviation Round Table Initiative hosted a Business Breakfast Meeting, during which Prof. Utomi gave the keynote address.

According to Utomi, the Labour Party will build new cities around Nigeria's natural resources, he was, speaking to stakeholders and political aspirants who had gathered to discuss the theme "Aviation in Nigeria Beyond 2023 Elections; Challenges and & Prospects". Adding that plans will also be made to include linkage systems between these cities. Utomi, who gave the keynote address, focused on the issues facing the aviation sector and suggested policy changes that could help it compete on a global scale.

According to him, the issues facing the industry include improper budgeting, a political culture that rewards bad behavior, leaders who don't understand leadership, frail institutions, a lack of strategy, and lack of seriousness from the political class, among others.
Citing nations like Singapore and Dubai, He claimed that one of these countries' methods for rapid development is the airline industry.

He further emphasized how crucial it is to investigate the Sector and how the Government has failed due to a lack of focus on the vital function aviation plays in the development of transportation infrastructure.

Additionally, he suggested that in order to conserve foreign currency and share best practices, stakeholders should learn to work together despite competition.

The major bottleneck in governance, according to the NNPP's Otunba Olanrewaju Kamal,  governorship candidates of Lagos State who represented the party's presidential candidate, Engr. Rabiu Kwankwaso, is bureaucracy, which is also a factor in why Nigeria Airways failed.

The government of Engr. Rabiu Kwankwaso will not tolerate the culture of bureaucracy, he further reassured the populace, and it will employ the best minds and hands to accomplish its objectives of creating a great nation.
The Aviation Round Table Initiative's goal, according to Dr. Gbenga Olowo, President of the ARTI, is the promotion of aviation in Nigeria through collaboration with the government and knowledge exchange among stakeholders.

He examined how political leaders might have benefited from the body's efforts and contributions over the previous eight years in order to find answers.

Nigerian Aviation Infrastructure Development and Challenges, Evaluation of Safety & Security Performance of Aviation Agencies, and Short Life Span are a few of those themes.

Dr. Olowo also mentioned the three primary performance indicators used by the organization: FAAN Airport Concessioning, National Maintenance & Repair Organizations, and National Carrier.

He continued by saying that because air travel connects nations, the government cannot continue to ignore intermodal connectivity while expanding industry infrastructure.

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