CUSTOM: TinCan Port Command Generates N5bn in Revenue for the year 2022

CUSTOM: TinCan Port Command Generates N5bn in Revenue for the year 2022

Between January and December 2022, the Custom TinCan Island Port Command produced a total of N574, 290, 210, 599.38.

This information was provided by the Area Commander, Comptroller Aliyu Oloyede at a media briefing for the TinCan Island Port Command Performance Report for the year 2022 on Friday 27th January 2023, at the command's centre. 

In comparison to the amount collected in 2021 (N493, 682, 369, 264.35), the revenue was significantly greater (16.33%), demonstrating an increase of (N80, 607, 841, 335.03).

The Comptroller claimed that this accomplishment can be attributed to the ongoing revision of existing policies aimed at maintaining the Command's Revenue profile as well as the use of some disruptive strategic policies, including periodic capacity building, rearranging and redeploying of officers using the SWOT Analysis, implementing the VIN Valuation, automating the 846 procedure, and reintroducing a non-intrusive Inspection Technology Equipment to the command, among other policies.

Other steps include collaboration with all sister Government Agencies as well as robust and ongoing Stakeholder Engagements. 

Oloyede stated that the command intensified surveillance on declarations made within the Command in order to sniff out erroneous declarations as well as contraband items in the enforcement and anti-smuggling area. According to the command, this resulted in a total of (38) seizures with a Duty Paid Value (DPV) of (N1, 846, 372, 083.50).

Colorado (Cannabis sativa), 5 x 40 Containers of old motor tires, 1,150 bales of used clothing, cartons of potassium bromate, as well as many other items were seized.

When compared to the seizures in 2021, which only had a record of (27) seizures with a DN of (N607, 267, 617.00), Comptroller Oloyede claimed that there had been a considerable increase in seizures. This demonstrates a rise in (11) seizures and (N1, 239,104,466.50). 

He asserted that heightened anti-smuggling efforts, increased monitoring, and Naira-dollar depreciation—all of which result in high import exchange rates—could all be contributing factors to the rise in the DPV rate.

In accordance with the requirements of sections 46 and 161 of the Customs & Excise Management Act (CEMA), Cap 45 LFN 2004, and the Absolute Prohibition List of CET 2022–2026, he further informed that these prohibited products had been seized and forfeited to the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Speaking further about Trade and Facilitation Engagements, he said that the Command purposefully and strategically improved the environment for the trading public in the year under review thanks to ongoing segmented stakeholder engagements and meetings to address particular issues as they arose and robust trade and facilitation engagements.

Additionally, he said that the FOB of exports increased significantly by 34.4% in the year under review, reaching $589, 696, 648 (N242, 365, 322, 333.00) as opposed to the $496, 075, 796 (N141, 985, 109, 159.00) recorded in the year 2021. The Tonnage of Export, which decreased from 1, 723, 986.8 in 2021 to 336, 179.5 in 2022, can be attributed to the current Government Fiscal Policy, which forbade the export of wood and wood products, as well as to the Global Unrest and the accompanying Economic Challenges.

He continued by pointing out that, among other commodities, Legend Stout was the least exported commodity while Cocoa Beans were the most exported through the Command.

The Area Commander claimed that, in accordance with the terms of Article VII of the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (GATT) of 1994, the implementation of the VIN and Automation of 846 procedure, helped simplify and facilitate the Customs Clearance Process of lawfully imported vehicles by providing a uniform, fair, and neutral value across the board on vehicles with identical brands, models, and years of manufacture.

Comptroller Aliyu added that the VIN Valuation Platform's predictability of value assessments, increased revenue generation, improved ease of doing business, and generation of accurate statistics for the Federal Government all contributed to the command's achievement of a streamlined clearance process.

He commended the Command's Management Team, Officers, and Men of the Command for their unwavering support, commitment, dedication, and hard work in the pursuit of this feat. While acknowledging and appreciating the Comptroller General of Customs, Col. Ibrahim Hammed Ali (rtd), for the enormous support he has been providing in the  area of capacity building of the Service.

Additionally, he predicted that there would be diligent efforts made to improve the efficiency of the VIN Valuation, the Automated 846 procedure, and the deployment of the Non-Intrusive Inspection Technology (NIIT) Platform. He also predicted that there would be an improved Revenue profile, the facilitation of legitimate trade, and enhanced capacity and skills of Officers and Men of the Command.

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