4th National Roundtable Discussion: Stakeholders cries out over Insecurity in Nigeria

4th National Roundtable Discussion: Stakeholders cries out over Insecurity in Nigeria 

 Stakeholders, at it's 2022 Edition of the  4th National Roundtable Discussion held in Lagos  unanimously agreed that Nigeria has been overwhelmed with with insecurity, high level of corruption, collapsing economy and anxiety over the 2023 general election.                     
Dr Kayode Farinto,Acting President of the Association  of Nigerian Customs Lisenced Agents (ANCLA) said the nation is in the era of trade terrorism.        
Farinto in his keynote address frowned at  the government's interest in revenue generation instead of concentrating on the improvements of the nation's economy.     

He also lamented that the government   has stressed the agents at the nation's ports to the point where some of them can no longer continue in their businesses.                  
 Farinto expressed his displeasure on youths who have cultivated the habit of substance abuse thereby becoming a liability instead of agent of economic growth.                         
He said the Standard Organisation of Nigeria (SON) which is supposed to regulate substandard products in Nigeria has also been turned to revenue generating agency.     

On the Nigeria Customs Service, the ANCLA boss said  young vibrant officers were not given opportunity to contribute their quotas to economy by the act of lobbying of older officers whom are due for retirement.     

He said there the urgent need to unboundle the Ministry of Transportation in other to have efficiency in the transport sector.          He expressed sadness at the rate in which the Nigeria economy is nose-diving.                   

Farinto also accused the TinCan Command of the NDLEA of extorting agents at the ports.   

Professor Francis Omotoso, who the Registrar of the Nagaf Academy the strength of a Nation is in its foreign reserve.                      

Omotoso said 75 percent of Nigeria importers are no longer importing because of bastardisation of the Naira.                    

He said it is difficult for the economy because some people are sabotaging the economy.                       
He described  subsidy as a scam because subsidy is meant for export only according to the exporters. He said said Nigeria's economy is nose-diving on daily basis as Government is not monitoring the movement of our oil as Saudi Arabia has been doing.                  

NDLEA representative, ACN Aminu Jiga Jiga admonished the citizens to join hands with the agency to eradicate the menace of drug addition and importation so we can have a sane society.                         

The National Chairman of Save Nigeria and import and export coalition, Dr Sir Chukwu Osita,  lamented marginalisation of some section of the country. He called for equal rights for all and commended the NDLEA on it war against drug abuse in Nigeria.            

Dr Segun Musa advised the NDLEA to co-opt the community Leaders in it war against drug abuse in the country.

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