Pensions: PTAD Urged To Harmonize Railway Ex-Servicemen entitlement

The Management of Pension Transition Administration Directorate (PTAD) has been called upon to harmonize pensions  paid to Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC) Pensioners inline with what obtains in other Federal governmrnt parastatals as  approved by National Salaries, Incomes and Wages Commission.This is coming up twelve years after increase in minimum wage and 33 percent increase in pensions. 

Mr Rufus Akinselure, Chairman of  Concerned Railway Pensioners made this known in Lagos recently while calling on the directorate to pay harmonization arrears owed railway pensioners after the consequecial adjustment in pensions arising from the implementation of the  minimum wage in 2010" and 2019.

Prior to the consequential adjustment of pension in 2019 due to increase in minimum wage a pensioner of a sister Parastatals on grade level 06 was receiving N26, 226.91 per month while NRC's pensioner on the same grade level earned N13,000 per month.

According to a letter to the Executive Secretary PTAD dated June 22, 2022 and made available to LEADERSHIP, after the consequential adjustment the same pensioners on on grade level 06 in a sister Parastatals now goes home with N37,000,272.21 per month whereas NRC pensioner now goes home with N21, 822.31.per month.

The secretary of the group Comrade John Uwemodimoh, said based on the new consequential adjustment, a retiree on grade level 07 is expected to earn N40,000 instead N27,000 currently paid NRC retirees.

In a separate development,  the chairman of the group Mr. Rufus Akinslure enjoined management on Nigerian Railway Corporation to pay 12 months arrears of 33 percent accrued to railway pensioners since 2010 following increase in minimum wage.

He noted that after a long drawn passing of the bulk over the agency that should pay the remaining 12 months of the 33% increase in pension arrears, it was finally resolved that NRC management should pay the arrears.

According to him, the NRC management agreed to pay the 12 months arrears but that till date nothing has been done.

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