Customs NPRO, Maiwada Visits NCBN

Customs NPRO, Maiwada Visits NCBN

... Discusses the Broadcast Network's Development Plans 

Kathy Kyari 

The Nigeria Customs Broadcasting Network (NCBN) received a working visit from Abdullahi Maiwada, the Chief Superintendent of Customs and National Public Relations Officer of the Nigeria Customs Service. 

Maiwada who also serves as a Director of the Nigeria Customs Service Broadcasting Network made the courtesy call on Tuesday . 

The purpose of the visit was to talk about strategies for the NCBN's revitalization and how CGC Bashir Adewale Adeniyi, MFR, will lead it to operate effectively.

At the network's head office in Guzape, Abuja, where he was cordially received by NCBN Managing Director Jamilu Yusuf, CSC Maiwada affirmed that the Nigeria Customs Service has put in place extensive measures to bring NCBN back to its full potential.
Regarding the chances of NCBN's re-establishment, CSC Maiwada, who was the organization's first Liaison Officer during its founding in 2020, voiced optimism. 

He emphasized the significance of having a traditional broadcast outlet with a focus on covering trade, business, and national economic concerns.

“We are back, and this time around, we are going to get it right, and we'll make sure that the station will succeed, contributing to a broader reach in specialized broadcasting.” declared CSC Maiwada.

CSC Maiwada emphasized the Nigeria Customs Service's dedication to fortifying its ties with Nigerians and pointed out that the dissemination of precise information about the Service is the primary goal. 
He claimed that there is a link between these measures and CGC Bashir Adeniyi's plans to promote trade, stop smuggling, and increase money for the country's infrastructure development.

Managing Director, Jamilu Yusuf responded by thanking the guest and said it was well-timed and anticipated. 

He underlined how important the visit was in determining how ready NCBN was for its relaunch. Mr. Yusuf reaffirmed the network's dedication to provide high-caliber programming that supports the interests of the country's economy.
Yusuf further mentioned how much he enjoyed giving the PRO and his group a tour of all the station's offices. 

As part of the network's re-establishment process, this trip allowed for comments on areas that need attention and gave vital insights into the current state of the facilities.

The Nigeria Customs Service and the broadcasting network are working together to indicate a bright future for improved communication and information sharing on issues critical to the country's economy as plans for NCBN's rebirth take shape.

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