Friends, Well-wishers Remember Babatunde Idowu Savage 10yrs After

Friends, Well-wishers Remember Babatunde Idowu Savage 10yrs After

Joy Mmereole Okoli
Friends and Wellwishers remember the late Babatunde Idowu Savage,  who passed away Ten Years Ago, Aged 66 years. 

In a statement on behalf of his family and friends, Chris Borha, former General Manager, Public Affairs of Nigerian Ports Authority, NPA noted that the late Savage had a sterling career in Journalism,  Public Relations and Human Resources Development. A Life of Family Devotion, Friendship and Loyalty. 

The statement further read, "He was an Adviser to the Management of Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA) during the now celebrated, trail blazing  Port Concessions Exercise, when Cargo Handling Operations at the Ports were transferred from the NPA to Private Terminal Managers by the Federal Government. 

"His untiring efforts ensured a Cordial working relationship between the Lagos State Government, host of the two largest Ports and the Federal Government.

"He was above all, a Personification of Family Devotion,  Friendship and Loyalty," Borha noted.

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