Ahead of the forthcoming July 5th 2023 presidential election in the Association of Nigerian Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA), the Oodua Descendants Freight Forwarders Global Association (ODFFGA) have publicly declared their total support for the candidature of Dr. Kayode Farinto Collins.

Their position was made known during a press conference which was organized by the association in Lagos yesterday.

While briefing journalists at the event, President of ODFFGA, Hon. Prince Segun Adefioye stated that there was a Memorandum of Understanding between all stakeholders in respect of power rotation among members.

“We heard that one Mr. Emenike Nwokoji came to Lagos and some Yoruba people endorsed him as their candidate but its not a surprise, it is one of those things in politics, what we are saying is that there is an MoU within ANLCA that when a Yoruba man rule for 5 years according to the new amendment constitution the next tenure will be from another tribe”

“I so much appreciate our dear brothers, the Association of Ndigbo Maritime Practitioners of Nigeria (ASSNMPN), they stood with the MoU that this tenure that is outgoing now is headed by Chief Tony Iju and everybody believe that the next tenure will be by Yoruba indigene, it is an MoU agreed within ANALCA, now when another man from Igbo tribe is coming out again as president we are very surprised but we appreciate our dear brothers, the leadership of ASSNMPN standing with their words that the next tribe that suppose to come on board in ANALCA National election should be a Yoruba man and they have stood their ground that they are behind Dr. Kayode Farinto, we really appreciate them for that and we are still imploring them to stand on that mandate because since there is an MoU and we understand ourselves, I don’t think there should be any deviation or interruption that another Igbo man should now come up to vie for presidential position” he stressed.

Hon. Prince Adefioye, said ODFFGA constituting of mainly founding members of Oodua Maritime Forum, his words: “In 1998, I was an elected secretary of Apapa Chapter of Oodua Maritime Forum, Chief Kola Adebanjo was the first elected chairman of Tin Can Island chapter, Chief Femi Agbaje was the first elected chairman, Lillypon Chapter, Ijora, our current BOT Chairman Chief Adeboje Waheed was the first elected Vice Chairman of TinCan Chapter, so we are on course, when we are talking of Oodua Descendant, especially Oodua Forum in maritime industry we can say categorically that we are the foundation members of OMF, those declaring support for Emenike are not foundation members of Oodua Forum, they came later into the forum. All the Yorubas have spoken that we are solidly behind our son Dr. Kayode Farinto Collins to go ahead and contest at the National President of Association of Nigeria Licensed Customs Agents (ANLCA) come July 5th 2023”.

Adefioye stated that “ODFFGA is duly registered with Ilana Omo Oodua headed by Prof. Banji Akintoye, we also belong to Yoruba World Council headed by Aare Olatodun Hassan, the recent one is the Oodua Descendant Union headed by Chief Ogundele Philips they are all behind us and solidly behind the candidature of Dr. Kayode Farinto Collins and by God’s grace all these groups will be fully represented on the day Farinto will be doing his grand finale campaign to show their full support for one of their kind, we are not a private company, we are a full registered freight forwarders association”.

Dr. Kayode Farinto Collins is currently the Acting National President of ANLCA and he is vying for the position of the president in the forthcoming National Executive Committee (NECOM) election.

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