ANLCA to hold Election following AGM

ANLCA to hold Election following AGM

Kathy Kyari 
The Acting President, Association of Nigerian Licenced Customs Agents (ANLCA), Dr Kayode Farinto has said, the Association will elect members to its National Executive Committee (NECOM) 90 days after its Annual General Meeting (AGM).

Dr. Farinto revealed this at a news conference in Lagos, saying that the association's constitution permits elections to take place 90 days prior to the present executive's term expiring.

The process of holding the 2023 NECOM Election will be one of the decisions made at the 2023 AGM, he said, adding that the current NECOM of the association will not serve an additional day in office.

The acting President also stated that everyone is free to run for any of the NECOM executive seats, and he has urged all qualified members to prepare their applications so they can run for any position they choose once the ASECO begins the election process.

The magnificent ANLCA, which people formerly knew well, has been mired in crisis for the past four years, despite all efforts to resolve it, according to Dr. Farinto, who claimed that this is no longer news.

He disclosed that there had been around 14 different legal proceedings, 13 of which his executive team had won.

He further stated that numerous police interventions and court lawsuits to equally address the concerns have been made known to many people, but to no purpose.

The ANLCA leader said that the CRFFN's involvement was motivated by the failure of the courts and police to effectively address ANLCA crises.

"Mind you, it was not me, Dr Kayode Farinto Collins nor the NECOM that brought in the Council. Rather as I learnt,  it  was the two BOT heads, Alhaji Taiwo Mustapha and Prince Ozo Chukwura, who approached the Council in 2022 to step in to resolve the ANLCA crises based on their Act which provides such intervention", he narrated". 

He firmly asserted that, despite the fact that some of them from the ANLCA are members of the CRFFN's Governing Council, they never participated in the committee that the Council established to address the ANLCA crises and that they never persuaded the committee's chairman to change the committee's report in their favor, despite rumors to the contrary in the social media.

According to him, the claims that the Council manipulated the report in their favor are unfounded, malicious, and cheap propaganda intended to end the peace process once more since it doesn't work in their favor.

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