Seafarers charged government to buy training ship from CVFF

Seafarers charged government to buy training ship from CVFF

As President Muhammadu Buhari has given approval for the disbursement of the Cargo Vessel Financing Funds (CVFF), seafarers have appealed to the Federal Government to purchase a training vessel from the Fund.
 The President of Maritime Professionals Forum, Captain Segun Akanbi,while speaking on behalf of seafarers in Lagos stressed that 
disbursing the CVFF is not the problem, as far as all parties involved agrees on the criteria of disbursement, but part of the Funds should be used to purchase a training vessel.
"As Seafarers, where it concerns us the most is how it would benefit the Seafarers as regards capacity building. 
The Ministry needs to include purchasing of a Training Ship from the CVFF disbursement. If we have a Training Ship like the American NSMV Training Ship with 600 cadets capacity, we can end the "No Sea Time" menace and train enough Seafarers for our Cabotage and International ships.
 "We do not want a situation whereby they would start bringing ships and be claiming we do not have enough Manpower," Capt. Akanbi said.

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